Pictures Taken When Cats Are "High" On Catnip Are Exactly What You Need For Your Daily Dose Of Fun

June 29, 2018

Cats are well-known for their passion for catnip. The plant has a magical effect on these furry animals. Even though it is non-addictive and completely harmless, cats can get “high” on this minty herb.

Andrew Marttila, who calls himself a cat photographer, made a series of pictures of cats supposedly going crazy over catnip.

You are not going to believe how hilarious they are! These cats, with their funny animated faces, are likely to brighten up your day, at the very least.

Marttila revealed to Popsugar that it all started with his neighbor’s cat, which loved the stuff. “Whenever I'd give him catnip, I felt like my next move was to call the exorcist.”

Oh, yes, every cat has a different reaction on this “drug”, but it usually involves a lot of twisting and turning, and some bizarre body squirming.

Whenever the cat received his doze, Marttila fetched his camera and took some amazing shots.

Soon enough he had enough of them to compile the pictures into a book. It is called “Cats On Catnip”, and if you are looking for a present for a cat person, this book would be perfect.

The photographer said that the pets are usually greedy enough and they aren’t satisfied with a mere pinch of catnip.

They want to cover their entire bodies in it. I took a number of hilarious photos with cats completely covered in catnip like a suit of euphoric armor.

The herb does not work the same magic in all cats, though. Some may go into aggressive playfulness or get over-anxious.

For most of the cats, however, sniffing catnip results in a peaceful bliss and they just roll head-over-tail and feel mellow and calm.  

The effect lasts for about 10 minutes, but Marttila did make a good use of them! Take a look at some of his pictures and enjoy a dose of fun!

Source: iamthecatphotographer / Instagram

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