This Cat May Win The Best Dad Award, As He Helps Mommy Cat With Newborn Kittens

September 24, 2018

This father could totally win the Best Dad Award! And yes, your eyes do not lie to you, it is a cat!

Who knew cats could be so devoted and tender with the family, and welcome the offspring with such an inspiring affection. However, the pictures shared by a Facebook user from Vietnam make us believe, it is possible.

The snaps featuring a father cat Yello, who is staying by the side of the mommy cat and 4 newborn kittens are too adorable to bear!

This is how you know what a perfect family looks like.

A male snuggles next to the new mom and the babies, embracing them with his paws, and curling comfortably with all of them in the basket!

This set of pictures is so pleasing to the eye.

Another male cat seems to be good at postpartum therapy. The Facebook video captures the sweetest moment between father and mother cats. While mommy was nursing the litter, the daddy was giving her belly massage with all the enthusiasm. Perhaps this is an effective technique to promote lactation! Whatever it is, the mommy cat seems to enjoy it to the fullest!

Cats, well known for being loners, amaze us with these parenting instincts! Apparently, they can feel the attachment to the offspring and give them as much fatherly love as they have in their hearts! It just proves us once again how many secrets are still hidden from humans in the nature world.

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