Incredible Friendship: Giant Gorilla And Tiny Bushbaby Gently Play Together In Adorable Video

September 5, 2018 15:13

Ape Action Africa, a sanctuary for apes in Cameroon, has shared the sweetest video of a rare “friendship” between two different kinds of primates.

The caregivers at the park noticed a tiny wild bushbaby nestled up in a huge gorilla’s palm. The silverback male gorilla named Bobo seemed to enjoy the interaction as well, treating his little friend with the ultimate tenderness.

Ape Action Africa / Facebook

The staff, amazed at the adorable scene, made a few shots and a video, posting it on their official Facebook page. Since that moment, the incredible footage was shared more than 18,000 times.

Ape Action Africa / Facebook

That kind of encounter is quite unusual. The bushbabies, also known as galago, are small nocturnal primates, so they are rarely seen in daytime.

Ape Action Africa / Facebook

They are the smallest primates on the planet, as they reach up to 10-16 inches in length and weigh between 2 and 4.5 pounds. Gorillas, on the contrary, are the largest living primates.

Ape Action Africa / Facebook

Considering that they love being social, we can see why Bobo was so interested in playong with the bushbaby.

Ape Action Africa / Facebook

The video also features a female gorilla,  Avishag (Bobo1s favorite, according to Ape Action Arica), who was curious about Bobo’s little guest. However, after playing together for a while, the gentle giant walked away to take his tiny friend back to the trees.

According to OneKindPlanet, gorillas are able to display a whole gamut of emotions, from excitement to compassion and grief.

These gigantic creatures have different personalities; however, they are all generally quiet, well-balanced and observant.

The primates' terrifying size and appearance often create the misconception that they have an aggressive nature. In fact, they are no threat to humans or any other animals, unless they are bothered or threatened.  

That tiny bushbaby could definitely feel that he could expect nothing but gentleness from his new giant buddy. The video just proves that there are still many aspects of wildlife that remain a secret from us, humans.

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