The Dog Was Resting On The Armchair, But A Sudden Noise From The Baby's Onesie Made Him Scamper

June 4, 2018

Dogs and babies are hilarious together! This mom was taking a video of her little baby trying to poop. But the moment he managed to do it, the dog’s reaction made everyone laugh. The dog seemed to get scared by the noise and just run away!

While this video is funny, it is also important to be careful about having babies and pets under the same roof.

Especially dogs! The safety of your baby is paramount, so here are few simple rules to follow when you are bringing a newborn into the house.

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1. Prepare the nursery room in advance, introduce your dog to the new smells and new sounds in the house beforehand. Buy the baby lotion and play a recording of baby sounds. This may prepare your pet to the real-life situation.

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2. Introduce the baby to the dog gradually. Let him sniff the baby blanket first and get adjusted to the smell.


3. Set boundaries. Do not allow your dog to lick and play the baby without your permission.

4. Do not change the rules for the dog. If he was allowed to sit on the couch or armchair before, let him do it. But create the new rules: the new pieces of furniture used by the baby are not for the dog to climb on.

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5. Educate the child about the proper behavior around the dog. It is important not to tease him, pull his ears, take his food or toy away so that the pet is not provoked into aggression.


6. Do not let your baby and the dog play together without your supervision.

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7. Do not forget about hygiene. Yes, dogs will chew your baby’s pacifier, lick his face, and toys. You won’t realize how that very same pacifier may appear in a baby’s mouth. It is part of your life now. However, do not forget to wash your dog regularly. Wash the baby’s hands with soap immediately if you notice they touched the dog’s feces.

When you have a baby and a dog under the same roof, your life will be just a little bit more interesting! However, it is totally worth it!

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