Chihuahua Gives Birth To Puppy After The Speeding Car Hit Her And Injured One Of Her Legs

August 12, 2019

Being a mother has always been - and will always be - one of the most delightful but tasking jobs out there. Unarguably, mothers are the strongest beings on earth, and this mother chihuahua, in Hermiston, Oregon, is no exception.

This little pup was hit by a speeding car while in the middle of the street. The force of the car damaged one of her legs completely and the pup, who was pregnant, immediately went into labor.

Sadly, the baby proved too big for the mother to deliver on her own and this sent the mother dog into shock. She was paralyzed and in severe pain.

Thankfully, a nonprofit organization, the FuzzBall Animal Rescue, got hold of the situation and rescued the laboring mother.

The delivered her baby through c-section and one of her left legs was amputated. Both the mother and puppy are getting better.

Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue / Facebook

According to a post on Facebook by the Fuzzball Animal Rescue:

“They are little miracles!”

Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue / Facebook

This is so amazing! This chihuahua is such a strong mother, to have survived all the tribulations of the street and still pull through with her baby in good health!

We wish the little chihuahua all the luck in the world!

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