Japan Couple Stranded On Their Roof During A Flood Refuses To Let Go Of Their Dogs

July 25, 2019 20:12

No one ever wishes to be caught in a natural disaster. However, owing to the fact that, sometimes, these things are unavoidable, a lot of thought and energy has been put into elaborate evacuation techniques.

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These rescue and evacuation procedures are carried out by trained professionals, who are always met by citizens who are often desperate to be rescued.

However, when a flash flood ravaged the city of Joso, in Japan, one of the rescue helicopters dispatched met a slightly different type of citizen, as they attempted to rescue a couple.

Heartwarming rescue

The flood made quick work of the city and trapped some citizens on rooftops. Immediately, rescue helicopters were sent out to save people who had fallen in the water, and those taking refuge on the roofs of their houses.

IBTimes UK / YouTube

A certain couple trapped on a rooftop were not by themselves, however. They had a grown dog and a puppy and, as it seemed, not even the biblical flood would not have made them let go of their pooches.

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Many people may want to say,

“But they're just dogs. Why would you want to die over a dog?”

However, before you trivialize a dog's importance, you should realize that many people consider man's best friend to be more than just a friend: they are like family. Besides, how many stories do we hear about dogs sacrificing themselves for their owners? It is only fair to return the favor, is it not?

So what would you do if a small member of your family was trapped on a roof with you? That should put things in perspective.

The brave man and woman, in a death-defying act of kindness and love for their pets, refused to let go of their pups for any reason.

Thanks to their courage in the face of certain doom, and to the skill and professionalism of the rescue team, all trapped parties, human and canine, were rescued.

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IBTimes UK / YouTube

The video, which was posted on YouTube, has since reached more than 4 million views. It is a stunning and commendable display which shows that loving one another does not apply only to humans.

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