This Mom Tries To Get Her Baby Boy To Utter The Word “Mama” But Instead It's Her Dog That Says The Word

October 16, 2018 14:12

Are you an animal lover? If so, then you should definitely watch this adorable video of an Australian shepherd, named Patch, trying to say “mama”.

Sam Giovanini / YouTube

What Happened

The YouTube video, posted by Sam Giovanini, introduced Patch to the world. Patch is an adorable Aussie dog who is also a member of the Diaz-Giovanini family. Andrea Giovanini was trying to get her nine-month-old son to say the word “mama”. She could be seen trying to bribe the cute toddler with food as she repeatedly uttered the “mama” for him to repeat. Patch could also be seen standing in front of her, eyeing the food hungrily.

The nine-month old seemed not to get what he was supposed to do. At this point, Patch was impatient and wanted to get the food, too. So the dog got himself in the competition and, to everyone’s amazement, uttered the word “mama”. Andrea couldn’t keep the delight to herself and laughed heartily.

The little toddler knowing, he had been defeated, did something really cute instead. He tried to keep the dog away while he kept looking at his mother, hoping to get the food. The scene was too funny; it seemed like the toddler was jealous of the dog winning.  

Sam Giovanini / YouTube

Although Patch didn’t get his prize in the video, there was another video which showed Patch getting his deserved rewards.

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Do You Own A Dog?

Dogs are one of the most adorable animals ever created. They have been referred to as man’s best friend. One of the main reasons why they are referred to as such is their loyal nature. Another reason is their natural ability to always be kind to their owners.

 Apart from being loyal and kind, they are also really cute.

Not only is Patch the Aussie smart; he is also a care dog. Patch had helped the little boy’s grandmother through recovery after she had an accident which caused a brain injury.

The video is both funny and absolutely adorable. We were glad Patch got his prize at the end of the day. We all need a furry friend like Patch in our lives. What do you think?

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