Baby And German Shepherd Teasing And Chasing Each Other In The House Are Captured In The Adorable Video

April 24, 2018

It’s no surprise why German shepherds are the most popular breed in America.

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They make perfect family pets, the best protectors and the most devoted companions for children.

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Their temper and the energy level match perfectly with kids, that’s why their owners have nothing to worry about.

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This video affirms all mentioned above! The 20-month-old German shepherd Zeus and the 11-months-old baby Leo are captured in the fun video.

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The two of them chase each other in the house, having an amazing fun. Hard to tell who enjoys the chase more – the dog or the baby.

People are always concerned about having kids and dogs under the same roof. Shepherds are large animals, but they can be aggressive only to those who intend to hard their humans.

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When it comes to kids, they are usually gentle and caring. However, it is important to teach them to socialize and behave properly with each other.

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When German Shepherds grow and get less playful, they become perfect companions for the family trips and hikes. 

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Just have a look at this amazing video compilation proving that the connection these amazing dogs build with children is unbelievable!

The sweet interaction between Leo and Zeus is so touching, it is hard to fight back the smile! Seems like this pet knows exactly how to entertain the little one! He teases the baby boy and starts the game. Leo responds to it with enthusiasm.

One of the most amazing things is that Leo has already got a friend for the lifetime. It is well known that shepherds grow very fond of the kids, and as they are raised together, their bond gets stronger.

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