These Poodle Cats Are So Fuzzy You'll Shout With Delight When You Stroke Them

April 20, 2018

Back in 1987, a feral Montana-born cat delivered five kittens, and one of them had a distinctly thicker coat of fuzzy, curly, and extremely fluffy fur.

indruce / Instagram

What could prompt such a unique appearance?

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2tailsbluelilac / Instagram

Most probably, genetic mutation played its part and the lady received a hundred-percent one-of-a-kind coat, composed of 3 layers of cuddly fur.

selkirkrex_1220 / Instagram

Unlike her relatives in the related Cornish Rex and Devon Rex breeds, this Selkirk Rex lady had curly hair and very muscular body.

bree_carl / Instagram

Her long legs provided great abilities for running, and the gigantic bulbous eyes gave her darling little face quite a unique and sweet expression.

olive.the.selkirk / Instagram

Nowadays, the Selkirk Rex is considered a relatively new breed in cat’s world.

linusandloki / Instagram

These cats are known for their plush, wavy or curly hair, which gave rise to their famous nickname ‘the cats in sheep’s clothing’.

selkirkrex_ablecats_srl / Instagram

Though the dominance of curly hair is the outstanding feature of these cats, not all Selkirks are born with curly whiskers or loose flowing curls, as some have straight hair, too.

2tailsbluelilac / Instagram

In addition, there are two types of Selkirks based on the length of their fur.

iikkunn / Instagram

The short-haired Selkirks tend to have tighter and shorter curls, while long-hairs have lengthy ringlets.

max_cat_official / Instagram

If you’re a pet parent dreaming of a cuddly, fun-loving, playsome friend, then Selkirk Rex cat with its ‘teddy-bear’ appearance is the best option for you!

2tailsbluelilac / Instagram

Though these cats are most of the time quite relaxed and laid-back, they enjoy attention and love to be handled!

max_cat_official / Instagram

Accordingly, Selkirks get on with kids perfectly!

iikkunn / Instagram

What does a Selkirk Rex cat have in common with other rex relatives is an upbeat, friendly, and light-hearted temperament!

max_cat_official / Instagram

These cats are even at odd with dogs (for as long as they return love, of course).

pompous.albert / Instagram

If you’re going to welcome the Selkirk Rex cat to your house, please, keep the following recommendations in mind.

Tamara De Brauwer / Twitter

It’s better to keep them indoors, as Selkirks’ easy going character makes them an easy prey for thieves.

Bubey / Instagram

Selkirks have long legs, that’s why they need to bound, leap, and jump on a regular basis. Make sure your living space can provide that.

2tailsbluelilac / Instagram

Though Selkirks’ coat looks luxurious, it’s very easy in maintenance.

selkirkrex_ablecats_srl / Instagram

Don’t worry: you won’t need regular grooming procedures, as brushing their curly hair will be enough and to spare!

max_cat_official / Instagram

If you have a huge family with children and other pets, you can get this cuddly cat to come to your home once and stay there forever!

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