Abused Leopard Purrs Like A Kitten When Massaged By Rescuer

December 13, 2018

Leopards are from the graceful feline family. They are closely related to lions, Jaguars, and tigers, and can be mostly found in Sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa, central Asia, China, and India.

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Sergey Uryadnikov /

These creatures are known for their impressive hunting skills and their characteristic spots, which are called rosettes because its shape resembles that of a rose.

Sadly, they are an endangered species, especially outside of Africa.

Voodoo, the kitten-like leopard

CedarCoveTigerPark / YouTube

Voodoo is one big leopard, however, that doesn't mean he has no feelings or emotions. Voodoo, like many other wild animals, has been abused and taken advantage of.

There are people all over the world who want to keep exotic animals, such as big cats and monkeys, as house pets. Unfortunately, they maim and do unspeakable things to them. Voodoo had fallen captive to one of such people.

CedarCoveTigerPark / YouTube

Due to his large size, it would be unusual for an animal like Voodoo to be kept in a cage. However, the opposite was the case. He was kept locked by his previous owner.

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They had also declawed him in an effort to make more money from him. Such treatment led the animal to a depressed state.

CedarCoveTigerPark / YouTube

The African leopard had lost hope until he was rescued by Cedar Cove Tiger Park. Now, Voodoo is returning back to his true self.

The amazing staff at Cedar Cove posted a video of Voodoo responding well after his rescue. The creature can be seen enjoying a massage and purring away like a kitten in front of a warm fire.


People react

A sad story indeed! Voodoo has gone through so much in life and we are glad to see that he is receiving the help he needs. His story has people commenting on the need to stop the abuse of exotic animals.

Leopards might have a big exterior and sometimes be scary, nevertheless, they deserve to be treated fairly and love when going back to the wild is not an option.

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