20-Year-Old Labrador Is Stricken With Grief As She Was Found By Rescuer Laying Next To Late Owner's Body, Refusing To Let Him Go

March 6, 2019

Many believe that only human beings only express emotions such as joy, depression, hurt and anger. However, that is not the case.

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As revealed by WebMD, dogs also feel depressed when they lose their owners or their fellow pets. Bonnie Beaver, the executive director of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, revealed that it’s hard to find out if a dog is depressed as they can’t talk like humans do, however, some behaviors they express can help you know.

Such symptoms include:

1. A sudden change in eating and sleeping habits;

2. Becoming withdrawn from any social gathering;

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3. Becoming inactive.

It is advised to engage them in exercises and walks to lift their spirits during such times. However, if that doesn’t work, consult your vet for medications that can help them get past it.

Poor Sam

Sam is a 20-year-old labrador whose life turned upside down when her owner passed away.

The loyal dog was found by Maeghan Olsen, founder and director of 1 Day Ranch Bethel Acres, Oklahoma, lying beside her late owner, grieving.

According to Olsen, she received a call from the local sheriff’s office to help take Sam away from her home as she wasn’t leaving her owner’s side, which made it difficult to move the body.

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They believed the dog had been with her owner for a day before the arrival of the sheriff’s department.

On getting to the house, Olsen, who was having her first experience with a grieving dog, found the dog panting and showing other signs of stress. Instead of trying to force Sam out, Olsen sat with the sad dog, fed her some treats, and tried to explain all that was happening to her.

After a while comforting the poor dog, she finally agreed to be let out of the house with a leash, but not without something to remember her owner by as she took some of her owner’s blankets and pillowcases along.

As revealed by the neighbors, Sam and her owner shared a very tight bond. The owner’s neighbor explained to Olsen that he left the hospital against the doctor’s order to be by his dog’s side.

Sam is currently recovering in 1 Day Ranch, and Olsen plans to take her to the vet for some check-up. Also, she hopes that Sam can attend her owner’s funeral to honor the relationship they had.

The canine is said to be making friends with Olsen’s therapy-dog-in-training.

How to help a grieving dog

Olsen wouldn’t have been able to lure Sam from her owner’s side if she didn’t know how to help her. Here are tips on how to help a grieving dog when you see one.

1. Recognize that the god is grieving and let it know that you understand its pain;

2. Pay attention to its physical needs. Make sure it has the strength to feed and drink;

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3. Try to bond with it;

4. Find a routine of activities that make it feel secure and safe with you.

We are glad that Sam is finding some closure and is in a safe place. We should never hesitate to offer emotional help to anyone hurting, be it human or animal.

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