Saddening: Skinny Looking Baby Elephant Became A Laughing Stock As She Was Mistreated And Forced To Bang Her Head To Rave Music Because Of Animal Tourism


April 12, 2019 12:06 By Mambee

Behind the extremely glamorous lifestyle of tourism, lies a whole lot of sadness, grief, maltreatment and silent tears for abused animals. Elephants who were once revered are now being treated like slaves.

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According to statistics, of the 45,000 Asian elephants left in the world, 3000-4000 of them are being held captive in Thailand.

These poor souls were torn away from their families and homes and forced to haul luggage, beg on the streets and perform silly tricks. This baby elephant is one of them.

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What a sad story

A heartbreaking investigation has shown the extent to which elephants are maltreated in circus centers and shows.

As revealed by the Independent, a video shared showed an emaciated baby elephant dubbed 'Dumbo' forced to bang her head to the music, play musical instruments, and perform tricks all under the threat of painful punishment at a Thai zoo named Phuket zoo.

Investigators found out that the baby animal is usually chained up and caged. She sucks on her trunk when alone, which is a sign of distress.

In the video, tourists were seen laughing as she and two other elephants banged their heads to the sound of music and held up their legs.

At one point, the trainers would scrape the elephants with bullhooks, a reminder to the elephants that they would be poked with the sharp tool if they refused to cooperate.

Investigators from an activist group called 'Moving Animals' described the scene as:

”Heartbreaking, shocking and alarming with the animals living in fear of painful punishment or training.”

Shocking photos revealed the skinny look of baby elephant due to malnourishment.

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Amy Jones, a worker in the Moving Animals activist group, said:

”We watched at tourist laughed and took selfies, while the baby elephant stood with her eyes closed, quietly sucking her trunk. The cruel life she will endure is heartbreaking.”

The organization has started a petition to free the baby elephant.

You can be of help

You might be thinking there is nothing you can do to help these poor elephants, but there's a whole lot you can. If you notice any form of elephant abuse:

  • Report to your local authorities;

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  • Get your facts right;
  • You can start and join protests against elephant abuse;

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  • Boycott all elephants circuses.

It’s sad that these creatures have to live in such horrendous conditions in the name of entertainment. We need to treat them better! Remember, they depend on us. If you see something, please say something.

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