Shelter Cat Finds Forever Home With Kind Woman Who Falls In Love With Him The Moment She Holds Him

June 24, 2019

Animals bring light to whoever they meet, and this story is proof of it.

Jack is a tabby cat that was abandoned by his owner. He was found wandering around a neighborhood in Michigan, looking for love and attention, and was then taken to the Wexford County Shelter.

From the moment he arrived, it was evident that all Jack wanted was love and affection. He rubbed his face on anybody he met, and the staff and volunteers at the shelter soon fell in love with him.

They knew how sweet he was, but no one wanted to have the little feline. Touched by his warmth, the shelter staff shared photos of Jack on their Facebook page.

Soon a woman named Kali came to the shelter looking for Jack. While speaking to Love Meow, Kali revealed that the moment she saw Jack’s picture, she knew he was the pet for her.

When she was given Jack, she fell in love with him in an instant. Luckily, the love wasn’t one-sided. Jack didn’t leave her side as he held onto her shirt and started rubbing his face on her body.

Kali and her boyfriend, Rain, took Jack home, and he adjusted almost immediately. He quickly made himself feel at home and soon turned into Kali and Rain’s bodyguard as he followed them everywhere they went.

Jack now has the love he has always wanted, and this was possible because of the kind people that rescued him in the first place.

Animals are bearers of joy. They deserve to be treated better.

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