Such Genuine Love: Owner Runs Into Blazing Home To Rescue Pet Trapped In The Fire

March 21, 2019

Having a loyal friend who will never leave your side is one of the best feelings in this world. However, to several individuals, they find this companionship not in fellow humans but rather pets, particularly dogs.

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Further research into this amazing phenomenon has concluded that the relationship between dogs and their owners is akin to the bond shared between parents and their children, with both sides having a strong influence on one another.

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It wasn't much of a hassle proving this as there are several stories that have shown the stout connection between pets and their owners. 

Into the flames

Jose Guzman was attending a barbeque at his parents', accompanied by his wife and three daughters, when he received a call that alerted him that his neighbourhood was on fire.

Af first, he was sure it wasn't his house, as they had only left a while ago, but he saw otherwise when he arrived at the scene.

The fire, although it hadn't started in his place, had affected his home and he realized that it had overwhelmed the firefighters.

They needed more support. However, the family dog, a blue nose 2-year-old pitbull named Gabanna, was still inside, and it was then that Jose made the brave decision

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Adam, who is Jose’s landlord’s son-in-law, managed to capture the whole incident on camera, and described the experience as ‘very emotional.’ He didn't expect Jose to make it out as the fire was intense.

Although the pair suffered minor burns, both Jose and Gabanna would be alright thanks to his bravery.

While speaking to PEOPLE  Jose's family members revealed that they weren't surprised by his actions, as he was a very selfless person.

The family lost their house entirely to the fire as well as a few other things. A GoFundMe page has been created to help support them.

How to save a pet in case of a fire

1. Always have your pet trained and ready for emergencies;

2. Have precautions prepared in the form of fire safety equipment;

3. Have a ready escape plan beforehand;

4. If possible, leave a spare key with neighbours when you have a pet in the house.

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Fortunately, Gabanna had someone willing to risk it all to save her. However, the story isn't always the same and neither animals nor their owners can be lucky every time.

Effective measures to escape grave emergencies such as fire incidents should be put in place as it could end up saving lives.

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