Best Friends Until The Very End: Moving Photo Of A Dog Looking Into His Friend's Casket Hits The Internet

April 24, 2019

They say that man's best friend is a dog. Over and over, we have seen the truth of this popular saying, but it never ceases to amaze us.

76-year old William D. Schiller, a North Carolina man, was about to be laid to rest when something unusual happened.

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On April 11, at the private viewing in James Funeral Home, Huntersville, an incredible photo of a dog standing on his hind legs as he leaned into the casket was taken.

It featured the sad dog paying his last respects to his owner while being held by the deceased's girlfriend, Anne Marie Sibthrop.

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The photo was taken by William’s 12-year old granddaughter, Nina Holcombe.

Seeing how remarkable the candid shot was, the director of the funeral home, Sam James opted to post the photo on Facebook, captioning it:

 'Touching moment.'

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James explained that this kind of behavior is common amongst pets and he has been often asked to accommodate pets grieving their late owners.

Chief, the dog, is actually owned by Anne Marie as she rescued him in 2014. However, Bill, as the deceased was called, was the one who convinced her to keep the dog.

Describing the moment when Chief said goodbye to Bill, Anne Marie said in an interview with NBC.

"I’ll never forget. He stretched his neck in as far as he could, and he gave Bill just one little quick lick on his ear, and of course, Bill didn’t move."

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Bill was buried on April 13 and was survived by three sons, six granddaughters and six great-grandchildren.

Indeed, this story proves to us that animals mourn and feel the need for closure just like humans. They are indeed man’s best friend!

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