Homeless, Not Hopeless: Stray Dog Liberated A Stranger From Car Wreck And Maneuvered Her To Where They Could Get Assistance

April 2, 2019

Dogs are generally exceptional creatures. Their unique attributes vary depending on the breed. For example, the German shepherd is highly-rated in America for its competence.

The dog, if well-trained, is always up to the task and even exceed the trainer's expectations.

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Carlos Aguilar / YouTube

The German shepherd is a very devoted and courageous dog breed.

They are quick to demonstrate their fearless nature whenever they sense the need. What this poochie did for a woman who had been in an accident, for instance, is purely heroic!

Dog saved a damsel in distress

A German shepherd dog called Hero lived up to its name when he saved a woman in danger in 2007.

Hero was a homeless dog that took temporary cover in the Georgia woods. It was there he performed his first public noble duty by saving Shannon.

Carlos Aguilar / YouTube

Shannon had been in a fight with her husband, so she left the house angrily in her car. In addition to her hazy state, the road was windy, and she couldn't maneuver the vehicle properly.

This resulted in an accident. She was ejected through the back window, and her lower body was stuck in the car. Shannon was alarmed because she was alone in the woods, and nobody knew her whereabouts.

Carlos Aguilar / YouTube

Fortunately, the accident happened within Hero's proximity, and he was quick to run to Shannon's aid. She had been drifting in and out of consciousness before Hero came along.

The next time she woke up, Hero had moved her 100 feet away from the wreckage and to a safe place.

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Carlos Aguilar / YouTube

Someone was driving by at that moment, and Shannon was able to get the help she needed. Shannon called her husband and, at the end of the day, she didn't need any surgical treatment.

Meanwhile, Hero got awarded with the right platform and was trained to use his skills to the best of his ability. He is now a part of a search and rescue animal team.

Shannon was grateful to God that Hero came along, and helped her.

People's reactions to Hero's heroic act

Facebook users were genuinely touched by Hero's courage. Many people shared their personal experiences with the courageous breed. Read below!

Although the homeless dog hadn’t seen the best part of life, it didn't deter him from doing good. Hero is proof that dogs are selfless regardless of how poorly they are treated. Hopefully, this goads you to do better!

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