What An Angel: Kind Rescuer Helps Blind Kitten Regain Sight So He Can See His Mum

March 28, 2019

It is incredible and quite heartwarming to see the length to which some people would go to make the lives of their pets better and more comfortable.

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Kritter Klub / YouTube

Although animal cruelty is still rampant in many places, the fact that people like this kind animal lover exist is enough consolation.

Every pet needs love and care, and this little kitten was fortunate to find it in quite possibly its purest form.

A video posted on YouTube showed a poor kitten, which was born blind, clinging to its mother to make sure he was not alone. He wanted desperately to see her, but the scabs on his eyes didn’t let that happen.

The poor feline would bump into several things while trying to walk, and it was just heartbreaking. Other times, the other kitten would be eating while it roamed around trying to find the food.

With the love and care from his rescuer and an extraordinary supplementary diet, the kitten slowly began to gain his sight.

Kritter Klub / YouTube

It was simply an adorable moment when the little kitten could finally see well. The kitten was let out of his litter box and with his eyesight just newly gained, he first took a few unsure steps.

And when he got his balance, the young cat quickly went in search of his mother, and the family reunion was very cute.

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kritter Klub / YouTube

As soon as mother and child met, they rubbed on each other lovingly for a few moments before the mother kitten began to lick her young one clean.

It was quite heartwarming and the duo became even more inseparable as though they were trying to make up for the lost time blindness caused.

Kritter Klub / YouTube

Instances of such kindness to animals have occurred often in the past, usually when the pet is rescued. One of such was when a man, named Chuck, rescued a kitten that was cruelly glued to the road.

Chuck got the cat off the road and took her to the vet to get the remaining glue removed from her feet and tail, and he kept the kitten as his own. Fun fact: Chuck and his wife named the cat Sticky!

This is proof that not all humans are cruel to animals. We need to find more kind people, and hopefully, their story changes the hearts of others.

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