Tearful: Rescuers Discover Dog Chained And Left To Die In An Abandoned House

January 29, 2019

Despite several measures put in place to curb it, animal abuse remains a commonact of  cruelty all over the world. It comes in different forms which may be physical, emotional, or simply neglect.

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Although the symptoms are often subtle, there are a few pointers that indicate abuse. For physical abuse, signs include open wounds, broken bones, limping, trouble breathing and aggressiveness.

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While in cases or neglect, signs can be bad grooming, malnutrition, drowsiness and horrific living conditions.

These animals go through a lot, and only a few of them get to make it out alive. Luckily, Frances was one.

Frances is rescued from an abandoned building  

In a video shared by Dodo, rescuers were extremely shocked when they came across an abused dog in an abandoned house.

Left to die, the dog showed signs of extreme malnourishment as her ribs were protruding through her skin. She had scars all over her body and had been blinded.

Jan Stenger, Carol Daniello and Amy Roman immediately took to saving her. She had a heavy duty chain attached to her neck.

She was eventually rescued and rushed to a veterinary centre where she started her treatment. Sadly, both her eyes had to be removed by a specialist as they were badly damaged.

Despite all this, Frances, as she was later named, remained vibrant.

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Over time, she got better, and it didn't take much for one of her rescuers, Jan Stenger, to fall in love with her. Jan mentioned in the video that it was unexpected.

She was just fostering Frances, and then the bond happened, and she never let go.

Now, the pair is having the time of their lives. Although Frances is entirely blind, Jan claims that she has helped the pup learn to cope, and they are both enjoying healing and growing together.

Helping out blind dogs

There are several causes of blindness in dogs, and it may be complete or partial. Nonetheless, with adequate steps, blind dogs and their owners can live an hassle-free life together.

1. Train the dog to use other senses;

2. Help the dog to become familiar with the area it lives in. This is by ensure routine walks, and making sure things stay in the same place.

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3. Let the dog socialize, but ensure that others are aware of its condition;

4. Reduce the number of hazard zones by blocking stairs, removing sharp objects from pathways and ensuring a free walkway;

5. Be patient! It's going to be tough, but you have to be willing to put in the work and time.

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Surprisingly, even with the cruel fate Frances experienced in the hands of her abuser she was willing to love again.

These are few of the many things which make these animals amazing, and it's our duty to protect them. All suspected cases of abuse should be immediately reported to appropriate authorities.

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