This Is Extreme: Artist Goes Overboard By Tattooing Pigs, And Animal Rights Activists Are Outraged


May 17, 2019 11:56 By Mambee

Surprisingly enough, pigs are among the animals that face abuse. They are denied the free space they require and are often confined to a tiny area with little or no comfort at all.

According to statistics, about 121 million pigs are killed every year for food.

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That doesn’t compare to the abuse they endure when they are cramped up while they are transported from one place to the other or to the slaughterhouses.

Artist tattoos pigs

Unfortunately, being crammed and mishandled is not the only ordeal they go through. According to Daily Mail, a Beijing artist has gone to the extent of using the skin of pigs as his canvass to display his work.

Wim Delvoye is a Belgian born artist born around 1965 in Wervik. He began trying tattoos on the skin of dead pigs in the 1990s and later, around 1997, he took to live pigs.

The Belgian proudly calls it Art Farm. After looking for a place where he wouldn’t be disturbed by animal rights activists, the artist has settled in Beijing and tattoos pigs in Art Farm China in Yang, Zhen.

To draw the tattoos on the pigs, they had to be shaved and anesthetized.

His work attracted the attention of animal rights campaigners, and they are not pleased with what he’s doing to the pigs, considering the pain he made them go through during the tattooing process. It’s appalling that he turns them into artwork displaced for people to see.

It’s not certain what steps have been taken to put an end to this. However, we hope he is sanctioned for such a vile act.

How do we stop animal abuse?

To stop animal abuse, the first thing to do is to raise awareness about the situation. Raising awareness can go a long way to attract government attention towards what is happening so that they enact state laws to protect farm animals.

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Also, when you notice an animal is being abused, immediately report to the appropriate authorities.

Animals deserve to be treated better, and we have to work hand-in-hand to create a world in which animals are safe.

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