US Soldier Falls In Love With A Lovely Puppy In Iraq But Couldn't Bring Her Home. She Eventually Finds Her Way To Him

January 31, 2019

There are a lot of stray dogs roaming the streets in Iraq and, according to Niqash, not a lot of people are doing much to help them. However, an American soldier serving in the region fell in love with one and all he wanted was to bring her home with him.

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When Daniel Rindone was deployed to Syria, he never expected that one of the most important bonds he would create was with a gorgeous little puppy. 

While sharing his story with The Dodo Soulmates, Daniel revealed that the dog would often come around to their base with a bunch of other pups. It was clear that the dogs knew that they would be fed when they visited the soldiers.

Daniel looked forward to these visits but one particular dog caught his eye. The soldier named the dog Syri and the two became super close while he was there.

Then came the time for Daniel to return to the United States. He knew there was no way he would be able to say goodbye to his beloved dog. So he contacted the SPCA, who told him of an international program that could help him bring Syri to the US.

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The plan was for Syri to be taken to an SPCA location in Erbil, Iraq, until all the paperwork was complete to help her travel. Unfortunately, as the dog was preparing to leave, the Erbil Airport was shut down and there was no way for her to meet her soldier buddy in the US.

While she was waiting for the airport to reopen, she was being taken care of by the SPCA. Four months later, she was able to reunite with Daniel and what a beautiful reunion it was!

It felt like more than four months but, eventually, Syri found her way to her new home. All thanks to a soldier who was determined not to leave her behind. We hope these two get to enjoy many more happy adventures together.

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