Ways To Help Homeless Pets: Dog Was Maltreated By Previous Owner And Thrown Into A Ditch, Having Dim Hope For The Future


April 16, 2019 17:10 By Mambee

It's pretty shocking that some people are so cruel, they would go as far as abusing defenseless animals. Sometimes, these abusers simply abandon their pets on the streets. According to DoSomething, about 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States every year and in many cases, it's because there's nowhere for these animals to stay.

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While these numbers may seem hopeless, keep in mind that several animals have also been rescued. Like this dog, for instance.

Jordan's transformation

A puppy named Jordan had a pretty traumatic experience with his previous owner. Jordan was abused before he was eventually thrown into a ditch. Desperate to survive, the dog found a dry spot to sit and wait as he was already severely weak and unable to move.

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel / YouTube

Thankfully, someone saw this poor creature and immediately called animal rescuers, who arrived at the scene to help. The Hope For Paws rescuers saw that the dog had severe injuries and needed emergency care. 

They were shocked to discover that the dog's previous owner became ill and could no longer care for his pet so he thought the solution was to chop off Jordan's leg in hopes that the pup wouldn't survive.

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel / YouTube

The man then threw Jordan into the ditch down a dry riverbank but he somehow managed to survive. The vet that was taking care of him said it was a miracle the pup was alive, but helping him recover wouldn't be easy.

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However, Jordan gradually began to improve thanks to the care of rescuers. As he became physically stronger, Jordan's spirits also began to lift. He eventually found a foster home and they loved him so much there that they adopted him permanently.

Today Jordan is a happy and thriving dog, and it's all thanks to rescuers who never gave up on him.

How to help homeless dogs

Abandoned animals need help too and it's important that we show our support in whatever way we can. These tips can help.

  • Adopt a homeless dog: It would be helpful if you adopted a homeless dog from a shelter. Not only will you give a dog a chance at a happy life, but you also free up space in the shelter so another homeless animal can be taken in.
  • Donate to shelters: These shelters work very hard to help stray animals and you can help them by making donations.
  • Foster an animal: If you're not ready to permanently adopt a pet, you can foster one. This means you temporarily offer your home to the pet while they are recovering from treatment, for instance.
  • Volunteer your skills: Are you a great photographer that can take awesome pictures of animals? Or perhaps you're a vet willing to offer your services for free. It's possible for you to volunteer your skills to shelters.

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More tips for preventing animal abuse can be found here.

These homeless animals need our help and no effort is too small to make a change. Do what you can and you'll feel good knowing you're saving lives.

Were you inspired by Jordan's story? Keep that mood going by watching this cool DIY video.

Simple, right?

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