Unexpected Guests: Fox Cubs Visit Grandma's Porch And Turn It Into Their Own Private Playground

June 25, 2019

Baby foxes have got to be some of the cutest creatures out there. Unfortunately, not everyone would be lucky enough to get an up close and personal experience with one.

One lucky grandma got quite a thrill when a couple of fox cubs decided that her porch was the perfect place to chill, play around and simply have a great time.

In a bunch of pictures shared by Reddit user, Vechrotex, some fox cubs were goofing around on a front porch. The poster explained that it all began when one baby fox came to his grandma's house.

A baby fox showed up to say hi at my grandmother's house from r/aww

It turned out that the baby fox brought a friend along because they were soon chasing each other on the porch.

Update: The baby fox at my grandmother's house has a friend and they are chasing each other from r/aww

In yet another update, the Reddit user shared a picture that showed both foxes really getting into the fun as one caught the other by the tail.

Another update to the baby foxes: his friend caught his tail! from r/aww

They seem to be having quite a blast because the poster shared another photo showing that the baby fox returned the next day to play some more.

The little baby fox from yesterday came back! from r/aww

These super sweet images certainly melted the hearts of those who saw it and some were even inspired to share their own animal encounter tales.

User Little-Dick-Cheney shared the story of how he also met a fox cub at his cabin once. They apparently even got to play fetch together during that visit but, sadly, the fox never returned for more games.


Enjoying playtime with an animal is undoubtedly an experience that many people would remember for a long time. And it's pretty awesome that this poster chose to share the photos of the foxes' visit.

Wouldn't it be super cool if the fox buddies kept coming back to entertain everyone with their shenanigans?

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