Heartbreaking: Dog Had No Choice But To Wait In The Cold For Her Owners For 5 Days

December 3, 2018

It's heartbreaking that some animals are left out in the elements without anyone to care for them. Animal abandonment is a crime in the United States. It refers to a situation whereby an owner leaves an animal alone in circumstances that could cause harm to the animal. It is a serious criminal offense and anyone who is caught doing that must face justice.

What happens when we see an abandoned animal but we can't catch the offender? Read all about the processes of helping an abused and abandoned animal here.

A dog named Carla was clearly abandoned with no one to care for her until some kind strangers came to her rescue.


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Carla was left in a park in the freezing cold and residents of the area worried about her wellbeing. They contacted animal rescuer Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue.

On the animal rescue group Facebook page, Guido posted how heartbreaking it was for a dog to be left with no choice but to sit and watch, "waiting for her family to come back."

He revealed in the post that the dog had simply been waiting for five days. He had approached Carla after being called, and he had been able to encourage the animal to eat something.

However, whenever he tried to put a leash on her, the dog recoiled and ran away.

At one point, she got so spooked that she disappeared for days. Eventually, someone called in to say that they spotted her on a resident's porch.

Guido again tried to get the dog but she ran away. It was obvious she was still scared to go with a stranger. 

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However, according to the updates that Guido continued to share, we learned that Carla was eventually saved. She was taken to the vet, who discovered that the dog was underweight and had no microchip.

It sounded like Carla had not received real love and care in a while. Guido revealed that Carla was covered in fleas and limping around. Thankfully, she now has a warm cozy home and is being taken care of by her foster family.

It is so heartbreaking that such a defenseless animal was left that way. Fortunately, Carla's story has a happy ending.

The plan was to put the dog up for adoption as soon as she became strong and stable. We do hope Carla has found her forever home!

What to do if you spot an abandoned dog

According to AmericanHumane, follow these steps if you spot an abandoned animal in a public place:

  1. Approach cautiously: Try to capture and contain the dog if you can. Use gentle a tone of voice or offer food to coax them to come with you. If possible, put the dog on a leash or in a fenced yard. 
  2. Call for help: If the animal behaves aggressively, it's better to call for help than to risk injury. Call your local animal control or the police.
  3. Take the animal to a shelter: If you find a dog with no microchip or ID tag on, it was probably abandoned or it is a stray. Take it to the nearest animal shelter so it can be taken care of, and they can also help find the animal a forever home.

One at a time, we can help stray and abandoned animals by giving them a second chance at life, just like Carla.

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