Lion Cub Tries To Roar For The First Time, And His Attempts Are Adorable


March 11, 2019 11:13 By Mambee

Have you heard a lion roaring? For sure, this sound gives chills and thrills to anyone who hears it. The king of the animal kingdom makes it clear why he wears such a title. But even big scary lions were cubs one day and, just like every baby, lion cubs are the cutest!

Thomas Retterath /

Just watch this little one take his shaky steps and try roar for the first time! There is no way this furry creature can be horrendous.

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Watching this cute baby lion is beyond adorable and it can set you on the positive mood for the whole day!

Are you curious to find out more about these stunning animals?

Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH /

The lion cub usually has two or three siblings. They are born in an isolated and safe place and kept away from the rest of the pride for 4 to 8 weeks by their loving mom.

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A lioness is extremely careful while picking a secluded space for the babies. The tiny ones are vulnerable to other predators, as well as other members of the pride, especially other females that may be hostile towards them.

Mariska Vermij - van Dijk /

Lions start roaring for real when their vocal folds are mature enough. Then they use it for establishing a self-image in front of other males and animals that might be a potential threat, showing how big and mighty they are.

There is no doubt that this adorable cub will turn into a huge gorgeous lion one day! But, for now, he has been making his first attempts at sounding a mighty roar and stealing millions of hearts around the world!

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