Man Leaves His Girlfriend's Dogs 1000 Miles Away From Home After She Breaks Up With Him, But A Kind Samaritan Steps In


March 15, 2019 15:34 By Mambee

Sadly, dogs may become a tool for revenge in humans’ hands. This happened to the innocent pit bull Zimba. It was abandoned in the middle of a road trip as a cruel payback to his owner.

Caroline County Humane Society, from Maryland, found a stray pup and scanned him for a microchip. Luckily, they could locate the owner. The only problem was that his “mom” lived more than 1000 miles away, in Kansas.

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The woman revealed that her boyfriend took Zimba on a road trip, but they split up when the man was away. So he must have vented his rage on the dog by leaving him on the streets.

The shelter was puzzled about the way to transport Zimba home, as his Kansas mom could not travel that far because of her job and little kids. When they had run out of any possible options, a good Samaritan stepped in.

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Zach Holt, one of the shelter worker's boyfriend, volunteered to drive the dog to his home after he had heard the sad story. He said:

I’m a bartender, I strictly work, you know, the weekends and Monday and I have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off. And four days is plenty of time to get to Kansas and back, so I said, “Why not?”

The absolute stranger agreed to reunite Zimba with his human, and he got to watch the heartwarming meeting those two had.

Holt revealed that the pit bull was a great travel-buddy and they had no problems on the trip. While people applaud him for his selfless act, he didn’t feel he did anything heroic. The man is also a dog owner, he confessed:

I can’t imagine my right-hand man being gone that long.

Having a microchip was a blessing for this pup! If not for that, the shelter may never be able to have found where he had come from. Thus, they raise awareness for everyone who has an animal at home to install a microchip or have an ID tag attached to the collar. These easy tips might help you find your beloved pet in case they are lost.

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