Rescued Orphaned Baby Elephants Experience Pure Joy While Playing In A Giant Pool

July 2, 2019

Being an orphaned animal is profoundly traumatic, both physically and psychologically, and many orphans suffer from starvation, dehydration or injuries caused by predators or humans. Luckily, there are different organizations that offer a secure base and a loving environment to nurture these orphans at their time of greatest need. 

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A video showing carefree and relaxed baby elephants playing and rolling around in the water has melted people's hearts.

These little elephants obviously look very happy, but they were lucky. Their days, in fact, had been filled with many obstacles. After the loss of their mothers, baby elephants were left alone unable to take care of themselves. 

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Today, thanks to the great efforts of the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, the babies are finally safe and happy. 

This little bunch of orphaned ellies is being rehabilitated with the final goal of reintroducing them to the wild, where they belong.

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It's important to understand that elephants need our support and help. Baby elephants are incredibly vulnerable in the first few years of life. Without their mothers, they struggle to survive. Moreover, elephants also face different threats, such as climate change, poaching, competition for food and water, and hunters. 

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What can you do to help elephants:

  • Educate your relatives and friends about the problem;
  • Set up petitions, organize marches;
  • Join the conservation groups;
  • Help elephants by donating if you can.

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Remember that it's our responsibility to look after our fellow creatures: for the good of our planet and for the future. 

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