Priceless Maternal Instincts! Mother Cat Refuses Food Unless Her Kittens Eat

November 14, 2018

Maternal instincts have always been more prominent in cats than in other animals. A mother cat is always able to suppress her desire to hunt in order to focus on rearing her babies.

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For a cat mom, her kittens always come first and she will put herself in harm's way to make sure they are protected.

Dongsook's Story

Dongsook is a female ginger cat that blew people’s mind by constantly refusing food, no matter how hungry she was.

The cat wiould be fed by people on the streets on a daily basis, but she would always refuse it if the food were in a plate.  

She only took their food on the condition that it was in a wrapper, and then she’d scurry away.

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This was very strange to everyone around, and Dongsook's repeating pattern raised people's curiosity. 

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They decided to find out what the situation was and followed the cat one day after they gave her the wrapped package of food. Dongsook went to a secluded street where a kitten rushed towards her and started eating from the wrapper.

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This kitten was one of Dongsook's five kittens, the other four of which had died in an unfortunate accident.

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Because of this incident, the cat became extremely attached to her remaining baby, doting on its every move, and would do anything for it.

This act moved the people, and they decided to take both the cat and her kitten to a loving home.

Dongsook and her kitten were soon seen enjoying their new home and cuddling up to each other.

This was not the first recorded case of a cat portraying such maternal instinct.

Another video showed another stray cat mother refusing to eat any food offered to her in order to take it to her little kittens.

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Not minding how hungry she was, this creature would scurry for food and deliver it all to her kittens, finding satisfaction in their filled stomachs.

This feline moms have proved that motherhood love is not limited to humans. Just as they have animal instincts, they also possess that unconditional motherhood love.

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