An Uncanny Resemblance! Kathie Lee Gifford's Son, Cody, Looks Just Like His Dad In New Instagram Snap

August 2, 2018 17:30

Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford's son, Cody, is all grown up. And a recent Instagram picture showed just how much like his dad he looks today. 

Kathie Lee on being a widow

Despite the 23-year age gap between them, Kathie and her late husband had many wonderful years together before he passed away, in 2015, at the age of 84. 


While talking with co-host Hoda Kotb on the Today's Show recently, Kathie said that even though it has been three years, she was still struggling with the loss of her husband. However, she eventually got to a stage where she accepted that she was now a widow.

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Kathie did not let this define her, though. The mother of two continues to forge through every single day.

Cody is now a handsome young man

On October 18, 1986, Kathie Lee married Frank Gifford. The couple went on to have two kids. Cody Newton, their firstborn, was born in 1990 while Cassidy Erin arrived three years later.

Cody turned 28 in March and he's looking more and more like his father. A few days ago, the TV host confirmed that her son bears a very striking resemblance to his late father when he was younger. 

Kathie shared a picture of herself, Cody and Cassidy, as they attended a party in Beverly Hills, on her Instagram. 

Fans were quick to comment on the resemblance between father and son. Cassidy also looks very much like her mother as well.

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Cody and Cassidy pay tribute to their late father

In a 2015, in an interview to PEOPLE Magazine, Frank Gifford's children opened up about their dad's death. Cassidy, at the time, was more focused on being grateful than being sad. Even though she wanted many more years with him, she was very glad about the time she did have. 


She also described the loving relationship her mom and dad shared. She narrated how they would always laugh and seem genuinely happy with one another.

Like his sister, Cody was also focused on how his father had been a blessing to him. The children are all about celebrating his life, which is an amazing thing indeed.

Source: Kathie Lee Gifford / Instagram

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