Fans Are Appalled As Actress Charlize Theron Continues To Clothe Her Son In Dresses And Call Him A Girl


March 15, 2019 16:14 By Mambee

We live in a society characterized by breaking free from labels. The world has evolved and many people have chosen to be either transgender or gender fluid.

However, there are instances in which this practice becomes a big deal, especially when Hollywood  A-listers like Charlize Theron engage in it.

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Charlize Theron’s parenting style

Charlize is a proud mother of two kids: her son, Jackson, and her daughter, August, were both adopted. The 43-year-old actress strongly believes in raising her kids to be proud of their African origin and know about it.

Charlize has adopted a progressive style of parenting, allowing her kids to be anything they want to be. However, it seems Charlize has taken things too far with her son Jackson.

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Some years ago, Charlize was seen stepping out with her son, who was dressed in a girl’s outfit. Initially, it was seen as an experiment to heighten his fashion sense.

However, Charlize seems to have made it a regular occurrence, and Jackson has been seen rocking pigtails and braids during consecutive public appearances.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was when she addressed Jackson as a girl during an Interview with Elle about her parenting experience.

“I look at my two beautiful girls, and I have the worries that every other mother has. I want them to be safe and able to live their full potential.”

Several photos have been seen of Jackson stepping out with his mother in female outfits and fans are beginning to worry.

Fans are shocked!

Many internet users have bashed Charlize for her parenting style and many of them have stated that she is imposing her beliefs on the boy.

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Twitter user @emilio10 referred to Charlize as child abuser stating that, if Jackson were left in Africa, he wouldn’t have to face such plight.

@Brett_of_bretts wrote:

@RFIMike joked writing:

Facebook users haven't been left out of the conversation.

Challenges transgender children face

It is not certain if Jackson’s gender choice is as a result of Charlize’s beliefs or his. However, it doesn’t come without difficulties and problems.

Usually, transgender children face a lot of backlash from society and are often victims of hate crimes and bullying. Luckily, there are support groups that help provide a safe place for them.

Charlize hasn’t publicly addressed her parenting style, however, we believe she has the best interests of her kids at heart. What parent wouldn’t?

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