Despite Allegations Against Late Michael Jackson In The Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland,’ Madonna Believes He Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty


May 13, 2019 19:45 By Mambee

Late pop singer Michael Jackson's life was pretty controversial. However, it wasn’t until his death in 2009 that gorier details surfaced. One of which was revealed in the traumatizing documentary ‘Leaving Neverland.’

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In the documentary produced by HBO, two men, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, claimed that the King of Pop molested them as children.

The famous documentary has evoked several opinions about the person of Michael Jackson, with many calling him a master manipulator. However, the iconic singer Madonna seems to think otherwise.

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In an interview with British Vogue, Madonna shared her opinion about ‘Leaving Neverland.’

According to excerpts of the interview published by The Independent, Madonna revealed that she hasn’t watched the documentary and doesn’t believe that Micheal was guilty of all the accusations.

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She said:

“I’ve had a thousand accusations hurled at me that are not true. So my attitude when people tell me things about people is, ‘Can you prove it?”’

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The singer believes that, although the victims were recounting their story, nothing can assure the world that they weren’t lying about it. Also, she wonders at times what pushes people to do things like that.

“So I always say, ‘What’s the agenda? What do people want out of this? Are there people asking for money? Is there some kind of extortion thing happening?”

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Madonna wants to be free of a lynch-mob mentality and give Michael Jackson the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty. This decision could be a result of the bond she shared with the late singer. He was her date to the 1991 Oscars.

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Indeed, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and Michael Jackson should be no exception. Madonna shouldn’t be criticized for having such a belief!

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