Even Royals Aren’t Exempted: Meghan Markle Was On The Receiving End Of A Lot Of Racial Discrimination On The Internet


March 12, 2019 14:54 By Mambee

In recent months, ever since the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, announced her pregnancy to the world, she has had to endure a lot of racism thrown her way.

The amount of racist posts against Meghan has put the British Royal family on high alert, causing them to increase their social media security.

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The Kensington Palace staff have been devoting much more resources to deleting comments targeting Meghan and blocking abusive Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Also, in order to reduce the racist trolling, the royal family released some set of guidelines last week for people engaging with its social media channels.

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An analysis of over 5000 tweets carried out by the advocacy group 'Hope Not Hate' revealed that the trolling was the work of a tight-knit group of about 20 accounts.

However, as much there are quite a number of people trolling the Duchess, many more have come to her defense on various social media platforms.

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People's opinions on social media

In a post on his Twitter account, Max Foster, a correspondent with CNN, urged and advised people not to respond to trolls on social media as it only helps to spread the hate.

He tweeted, alongside a picture of Meghan Markle, and he wrote

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A lot of people also agreed with him as his tweet gathered hundreds of retweets and even more likes.

How to fight cyber racism

It is saddening that some people still stoop so low to share rude, racist comments and posts about others and, thus, spread hate and discord. However, these can be fought against and here's how to do it:

  • You could first make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission and also the Communication and Media Authority in your district.

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  • Then, take proper documentation of such post, by taking a screenshot or other such means, so that you have evidence in the event of an investigation.
  • For posts on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you could easily report such abusive content by clicking on the appropriate links alongside the content.

Racism of any kind should not be encouraged as it is an infringement on the people's rights.

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