Blogger Shares Some Of Meghan And Kate's Style Secrets, Proving That Anyone Can Act And Look Like A Royal


April 16, 2019 16:54 By Mambee

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have millions of fans. And this following isn't just about the fact that they are married to such famous men as Prince William and Prince Harry, respectively. There's just something elegant about both women that seem to draw more and more people to them.

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32-year-old London-based blogger Anna Bey tried to break down what it is about both women that seem to attract so much attention.

Bey, who is known for teaching women how to fit in high society and look classy, shared some of her tips for looking stylish while eluding a certain level of elegance like the duchesses.

In a vlog post, Bey explained that it really is all about confidence. This is one attribute that can "turn anyone into a Kate or Meghan," she said.

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She went on to point out that while over-sexualization seems to be the order of the day with women wearing skimpy outfits that leave very little to the imagination, being toned-down and classy is actually a much better idea.

(Girls think) that if you apply more make-up, if you put in more hair extensions and show more skin it will get you noticed.

One can take a cue from Meghan and Kate as it's a known fact that these women hardly overdo it with their makeup. And being a part of the royal family meant that they wouldn't get away with wearing overly revealing outfits. But despite these limitations, many people still consider the royal women to be appealing and attractive.

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Another thing Bey would like women to learn is that they shouldn't appear too confident as, according to her, this can put people off and give them the idea that you're some kind of diva.

Again, notice that Kate and Meghan, while confident and self-assured, also don't give off an aura of cockiness. They smile warmly at everyone, happily play with little kids, and they seem to have an overall sense of relatability around them despite their status.

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Bey also gave another tip that one can learn from the royal sisters-in-law: embrace your femininity. She explained that being feminine had nothing to do with being overly-sexual with your style. It's all about dressing well, looking presentable and maintaining that level of elegance that fans have come to expect from the royal family.

In a world where women are more likely to reveal more in terms of their outfits, Bey's belief is that being a high-class woman is much more than that and the good news is that anyone can be a Kate or Meghan based on these tips. Do you agree?

There's one more way you can remake the Duchesses' style. See some ideas in the video.

Will you be trying them?

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