Is This Proof That The Rumors Are False? Prince William's Alleged Mistress Rose Hanbury And Her Husband Return To The Limelight


May 15, 2019 17:38 By Mambee

When it comes to cheating rumors concerning British Royal family members, the last thing you can expect from the monarchy is to release an official statement to either confirm or deny the story.

So when reports began to circulate that Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, was having an affair with the Duke of Cambridge, royal fans had a feeling that they would probably never know the truth.

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This didn't stop the rumors from spreading, however. One of the first things that stoked the fire was a report by The Sun which implied that Kate Middleton had chosen to exclude Rose, who had been a long-time friend, from her close circle. Apparently, she considered the Marchioness to be a "rural rival" and even discouraged Prince William from having anything to do with her.

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This triggered the gossip of an affair between William and Rose and, for the most part, the latter remained out of the limelight. One might assume that a recent gesture by Rose Hanbury could be her way of saying she had nothing to hide.

The reports showed that Rose and her husband, David, the Marquess of Cholmondeley, plan to host an art exhibition at their home in a few months.

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The news of the art show is a notable way for Rose Hanbury to return to the public eye amidst all the rumors. Opening up their home to the public for the art show is a pretty significant move.

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For one thing, it might imply that Rose's marriage is as solid as ever so there shouldn't be any concerns about the rumors threatening her union. Also, fans are curious about whether William and Kate, who attended some of their previous art shows, might show up this time around.

If they do show up, it would be a gesture that just might squash all affair rumors for good. And if they don't, well, more fuel for the fire, as they say.

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Regardless of it all, William and Kate continue to go on as the happily-in-love couple fans adore. So, perhaps, everything is well in the home of the Cambridges, after all.

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