Kim Kardashian Is Slammed For Wearing An Extremely Tight Body Form Latex Dress At Met Gala

Date August 2, 2019 03:25

The Met Gala 2019 is over, but people can’t seem to stop talking about some of the celebrity’s outfits, and one of the outfits is Kim Kardashian's.

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The Keeping up with the Kardashians star made her grand entrance with her husband wearing an extremely tight body form latex dress made by Fashion designer Mugler, and people are saying it is too tight and too sexy.

Some even went as far as saying the outfit was more appropriate for a playboy-mansion party, and not for a high-class event like the Met Gala. Read more of the social media comments below:

A few days before the event, the reality star posted on Twitter where she got the inspiration for her outfit from. It was a picture of Sophia Loren, who was in a wet nude dress on a boat, on the set of the 1957 movie Boy on a Dolphin.

Kim also styled her hair wet to match the look.

Another thing that got people talking was Kim Kardashian’s waist, which was almost non-existent in her dress. They wondered how it was humanly possible to achieve such a tiny waist, but as seen in the video, she was wearing a corset.

Love her or hate her, we can honestly say Kim Kardashian knows how to stir up controversy and get people talking!

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