This Spoof Photo-session Of Harry, Meghan And Their Baby Is Adorable, And It Can Totally Melt Your Heart

May 13, 2019

Alison Jackson, best known as a photographer-provocateur, ­film-maker and artist, is famous for her satirical and sometimes scandalous photos. She creates spoof pictures of the imagined private lives of celebrities and politicians by staging lookalikes.

The artist became popular in 1997, when she exhibited black-and-white photos, apparently depicting Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed gently holding their mixed-race love child.

Likewise, right on the eve of the US presidential election, Alice published a bunch of pictures showing Donald Trump accompanied by scantily-clad women carrying signs with Trump's controversial remarks about females. 

Today, her images are in great demand with the newspapers, magazines, and the general public. The birth of Baby Sussex has recently been one of the hottest topics. Thus, it's not a surprise that Alison's latest project has become Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their prenatal preparations.

The photos show a fake Duke and Duchess of Sussex shopping for baby's clothes, practicing yoga, and picking up a potential name for their baby. 

The photographer made these pictures with the help of some lookalike actors.

Although the photos are spurious, they allow curious fans to take a rare glimpse into the Royals' private life.

Alison depicts "Harry" as a doting husband, measuring Meghan's bump and trying to listen to the baby's heartbeat. 

The artist previously imagined a pregnant "Kate" and "William" before Prince George's arrival. 

Royal watchers adore these creations, admitting they are absolutely charming. Well, we can't agree more! Alison Jackson, great job!

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