A Documentary Reveals The Young Prince William Was Furious By His Mother's Shocking Revelation About Her Marriage To Prince Charles

November 7, 2018 14:44

In 1995, Princess Diana granted a somewhat controversial interview to BBC’s Martin Bashir that addressed the rot in her marriage to Prince Charles. 

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In the interview watched by millions of viewers, the Princess of Wales publicly announced that there were three people in her marriage: herself, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles who is now Prince Charles’ wife.

However, Prince William after seeing the interview was extremely hurt by his mother's revelation and in rage called her to tell her that he will never forgive her.


His bitter reaction was revealed in a documentary titled ‘William and Harry: Brothers In Arm’ by Vanity Fair Royal Correspondent Katie Nicholl, who explained that Diana's close friend Simone Simmons revealed to her the Prince’s angry reaction.

Several years down the line, Prince William has addressed his claim in a BBC documentary titled ’Diana, seven days.’


The Duke of Cambridge who was only 13 when he made the angry phone call now seems to understand better his mother's reaction having tasted the situation also.

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He revealed that in such circumstance, one becomes desperate which is usually heightened as rumors begin to spread. Therefore, the easiest thing to do will be to go to the media who will only keep flogging the issue.


Princess Diana’s shocking expose was the final hit that led to the official annulment of her union with Prince Charles. Sadly, the Princess lost her life in a motor accident two years after her divorce.

Prince William further revealed in the documentary how difficult it was to swallow the news of his mother's demise from his father, Prince Charles.


His brother Prince Harry also commented on how their father stood by them despite being in pain also and ensured that they were protected and well cared for.

Still on, he expressed disdain at the people who pursued Princess Diana into the tunnel, taking pictures of her as she lay dying in the car, that was one hard pill for him to swallow. 

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