Catherine Zeta-Jones Shows Off Her Gorgeous Home On Instagram And Fans Are In Love

September 28, 2018 17:13

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is sharing a little bit more of herself with her fans and people couldn't be more thrilled. 

The mother of two posted some pictures of her home while giving fans some interior design advice. Clearly, she has a fantastic eye for this sort of thing.

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She shared a picture of her hallway, which boasts of a lovely monochrome design and features cream-painted walls and black glossy wooden panels. A lovely gold console table also caught our attention. 

The stunning table had some fresh flowers and some candelabra lights on either side of it. One's eye is quickly drawn to the striking yellow painting on the wall.

Along with this Instagram picture, there was a caption where Catherine advised that her design could work for anyone who wanted to add "a splash of color" to their room.

She explained that you do not need to do everything at once. You can start small with a "pillow or a painting" and go on to add little bits and pieces until the full picture emerges.

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The actress often shares little glimpses of her home with her fans and they are always thrilled to see them. Clearly, this woman has impeccable taste. 

Take this one for instance. Another section of her hallway was featured here. A vintage-looking mirror hangs above a white table top. She explained that she loved to mix old and new.

Some weeks back, she posted this photo of her dining set, which is apparently set up on the patio. The colors are incredibly divine and the silverware is fit for royalty.

Catherine has shown herself to be quite classy and fabulous. She is married to Michael Douglas and the couple have two children together: Dylan Michael and Carys Zeta.

We hope she continues giving us these sneak peeks into her home, and some more advice on home decor. We wouldn't mind if our home looked half as stunning as hers.

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