Meghan Markle's Parents Got Divorced When She Was A Child And Psychology Says That This Can Affect Baby Archie's Life

May 16, 2019 18:16

Divorce has an effect on a lot of things and it's not always just about the couple. Children may also have to deal with some side effects. Meghan Markle, whose parents divorced when she was young, might be no different.

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The effects of divorce on children

According to Marripedia, children sometimes manifest certain behavioral traits when their parents get a divorce. For example, they may have issues with handling conflicts, become emotionally insecure or get in trouble at school. The probability of this increases when parents become less responsive and affectionate to the kids.

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Meghan's tough childhood

The Duchess of Sussex had to cope with her parents getting divorced when she was young. The Sun reported that Meghan's dad, Thomas Markle, and her mom, Doria Ragland, split up when Meghan was only six years old.

According to research, women whose parents divorced are more likely to have some negative attitudes towards marriage, in addition to having a lower commitment to and confidence in the future of a marriage. Initially, the theory was that all children of divorced parents, regardless of gender, were likely to face these issues. Further studies showed, however, that women were especially more affected.

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In terms of parenting, one can imagine how a parent's attitude to marriage can affect the children. The issues that many children of divorced parents face in their relationships or marriage might even make it more likely that they might get divorced themselves. Does this mean baby Archie might have to face the reality of his parents splitting up someday?

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If this theory rings true for Meghan, then clearly she and Harry will have to ensure they are constantly on the same page and maintain the spark in the relationship. We have to say, though, that so far the couple has been doing a stellar job of that, as they just always seem so happy when they are together.

Little Archie will do just fine

From the looks of things, we don't have to worry about the devotion Meghan and Harry have to their baby. Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter pointed out that, with the strong love and chemistry between the pair, they will have nothing but love for their baby.

We can see already they are incredibly close and there is amazing chemistry between the two of them.

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So, as long as the couple's connection and bond remain strong, there's no reason to be concerned that Archie will be a child of divorcees, too.

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