Michael J. Fox's Twin Daughters' Resemblance To Their Father Is Uncanny


March 14, 2019 16:49 By Mambee

We all know Michael J. Fox, the Canadian-American actor, from his unforgettable role as Marty Mcfly, a young teen who accidentally travels back in time, in the much-loved Back to the Future trilogy.

He is married to actress Tracy Pollan, and they have four children together.

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Michael was born June 1st, 1961, and at the age of 29, he was diagnosed with Parkinson disease, an ailment of the central nervous system which affects the motor movement. Symptoms progress slowly over time, and they include rigidity, shaking, slowness of movement and difficulty to walk.

After he was diagnosed, Michael sunk into drinking and pushed his family away, but they didn’t give up on him and eventually saved him from alcoholism, encouraging him back to good health.

Since then, Michael and his wife have enjoyed their love and marriage, celebrating each other every day.

Michael and Tracy have beautiful twin daughters who are replicas of their parents.

Schuyler and Aquinnah were born on February 15, 1995. They have grown into beautiful hard-working women who are enjoying their lives to the fullest.

They attended different colleges: Schuyler has a bachelor’s degree from Pomona College, while Aquinnah got hers from Duke.

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The twins regularly share pictures of themselves having a good time on the beach and, whereas it is quite difficult to tell the girls apart, their resemblance to their parents is unmistakable. Both girls have long blond hair, like their mother.

You might not easily see the resemblance to their father, but if you look at Michael's old pictures, from the time he was their age, you will spot it immediately.

The girls look exactly like their father did when he was in his early 20s. What an amazing set of genes they have!

Leading very private, regular lives, the Fox twins keep us in suspense as to what plans they have for the future.

Michael and Tracy also have a son, Sam, and another daughter, Esmé Annabelle, who is their youngest.

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It looks like it's not only the twins who got looks from the parents. Michael and Sam were spotted at a New York Rangers game back in 2013, having a lot of fun. The father-son-duo looked liked twins themselves.

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Both were wearing prescription glasses, a broad smile, and dark floppy hair, it was amazing looking at the two like that. Like two peas in a pod.

We love the Fox family, and the support they show each other. We wish them good luck and many more blessings!

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