Fatherhood Defeats 007 Star, Daniel Craig, As He Looks Dishevelled Just Six Weeks After The Birth Of His Daughter.

October 23, 2018 13:54

Parenting can be exhausting, time-consuming and sometime, even if we do not admit to ourselves; tiring. But the joy of seeing beautiful babies grow is always worth the stress and trouble.

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Parenting can be tough on everybody even on who have years of experience in the subject matter. It looks like even heroes who have save the world on the big screen can testify to the difficulties of parenthood! We all love watching James Bond movies, where the forever undefeated 007 always conquers his enemies, saving the entire Western World.

It would seem that Bond has officially met a match for himself and no, it's not a multi-million dollar organization or cartel but ihis six-week-old baby daughter!


Daniel Craig welcomed a baby girl with his wife, actress Rachel Weisz, last month. Craig already has a 26-year old daughter, Ella, from his first marriage to actress Fiona Loudon, while Weisz has a son, Henry, 11, from her relationship with director Darren Aronofsky.

Fatherhood isn't new to Craig, but it would seem like the father has run out of practice. The baby girl is successfully wearing down the famous 007 star even with his undefeatable reputation.

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Another proof that there isn't a more difficult job than parenting.

The actor was sighted wearing a flat cap and turned-up jeans at New York’s JFK airport last week. He was holding his dear little daughter to his chest. The exhausted look on his face proved that being a dad can be more tasking than saving the world, indeed.

The British actor was called out on Twitter by Piers Morgan on Monday, October 15, for strolling down the street with his daughter in his arms. He posted a photo of the father and daughter.

Daniel Craig will be coming back to our screens in the 25th Bond film, Spectre, next year. He is reported to be paid a whopping £20 million for his fifth time appearing as the MI6 secret agent.


Maybe Craig needs to spend just a little bit of that money on a babysitter.

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We can't wait to see Craig in the new Bond movie, but we hope the new father gets some rest and sleep before it is time to save the world again!