“If Meghan Did That She Would Be Criticized For Being Too Risque.” Fans Say Media Are Unjust To Meghan After Kate Reused A Dress And No One Bashed Her

May 16, 2019

Ever since the reputable former Hollywood actress Meghan Markle became a part of the British Royal family, the world hasn’t stopped comparing her to her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

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In a way, the Duchesses are similar in that they managed to snag the hearts of the sons of the royal family.

However, the way the press has portrayed both royal wives is remarkably different. Kate has been depicted as the ideal woman, who doesn’t do too much. She knows how to be in command without being overly ambitious while at it.

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Meghan, on the other hand, has been described as a little bit “too much.” The press never stops talking about her problematic family, her previous marriage, and her bad fashion choices.

A subtle media attack on Meghan

On May 14, 2019, the Duchess of Cambridge visited an exhibition at Bletchley Park to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-day at Bletchley Park.

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As usual, the mother-of-three stunned in a blue polka-dot frock dress by designer Alessandra Rich. it featured a high thigh slit and was paired with a pair of blue suede pumps.

However, what brought too much attention to the £1,750 dress was the fact that Kate had previously worn it, and that it was see-through. She sported the outfit for Prince Charles’ official 70th birthday portraits in 2018.

While no direct shade was meted on Meghan, fans were quick to notice the tone in which the media described Kate rocking a previously-worn outfit. They mentioned that if it were Meghan who did such a thing, she would have been bashed.

User @Andra Elphick wrote:

“Now if Meghan did that she would be criticized for being too risque.”

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Another user, @Jeni Skinner, commented:

“If Meghan was walking around showing her legs, it be murdah on here.”

Gill Farrington wrote:

“The trolls would be out if Megan wore a see thru dress and yet Kate is a future queen, and no one trolls her.”

The media has been unkind to both Duchesses

While it seems that Meghan has been the only one on the receiving end of criticism, that’s not the case. As reported by HELLO!, Kensington Palace is currently battling sexist and racist comments directed at both women.

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Sometimes, it goes as far as fans sending threats to the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex. It is why an entertainment site began a campaign titled #HelloToKindness in an attempt to take a stand against online abuse.

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It is unfair that Kate and Meghan have to suffer unfair criticism for being members of the British Royal family by marriage. They are just regular people living their lives!

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