Andrea Bocelli Sang A Duet With His Beautiful And Talented Wife, Veronica Berti, And All In Attendance Were Moved To Tears

November 9, 2018 11:48

Years ago, Andrea Bocelli sang an Aria to the woman who would later become his wife, Veronica Berti, on the first day they met.

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Now, she is both his wife and his manager, and their love for music both individually and as a couple has not waned.

The legendary Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli, has always known how to give genuinely mind-blowing performances.


As evidence of his exceptional talent, he has won multiple awards and held various audiences from all over the world spellbound with his vocal delivery.

However, as it seems, while his past performances have been breathtaking, one thing was missing and that was his wife, Veronica.

Lucilky, Andrea finally got to perform with his wife Veronica Berti, recently at an intimate show, and it was clear that this was a performance that had been way overdue.

His relationship with Veronica, in the beginning, had been professional. She had been just his manager then, but like most love stories, they had gotten to know each other better, and the sparks had flown.

Andrea, by then was a divorcee and, naturally, was hesitant about jumping into anything quickly.

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However, after more than a decade, they were both convinced that what they felt for each other was real, and they sealed the deal, to the joy of many.

Andrea Bocelli / YouTube

According to Andrea when the day came, he was excited to be-be making her his wife before God, family, and friends. He went further to note that it was an urgent legal matter and as such needed to be handled with care.

Andrea and Veronica embody the saying ‘a match made in heaven’ only that theirs is sweet heaven as well.

Aside from their standard chemistry as a couple, their musical chemistry is incredible. Their singing voices complement each other most amazingly.

Andrea Bocelli / YouTube

By the time the talented couple finished performing ‘Qualche Stupido’ at the intimate show, all those in attendance could not stop dabbing at their eyes.

And how can one blame them? History was being made, and they got to watch it live as greatness unfolded in the form of the singing couple.

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