‘It Isn’t His First Time.’ Fans Believe That Prince William Hasn’t Changed And Has Cheated On Kate Once Again


April 12, 2019 10:36 By Mambee

Many of us have come to strongly admire the relationship between the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge. Despite being married for more than eight years and having three children, they have managed to keep the fire of their love burning.

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Unfortunately, their union isn't as rosy as it seems. According to reports, Prince William has had his hands stained with some cheating scandals.

In 2007, Prince William was reported to have been involved with two society women. He was even seen kissing and cuddling a blonde while in a London club.

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While all these adventures might be in the past, fans of the royal couple think otherwise. Several cases have led to their opinions.

1. An alleged affair with Kate’s best friend

As reported by The Sun, Kate Middleton’s friendship to socialite Rose Hanbury has withered. Reports have it that the Duchess had a terrible fall out with Rose, and while Prince William tried to play the role of peacemaker, Kate strongly insisted that they phase them out.

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It is believed that Kate’s resentment towards Rose is because of an affair between William and Rose.

It has even been reported that the alleged affair is the reason behind his strained relationship with his brother, Prince Harry.  According to Nicole Cliffe, Harry flipped out on his brother when he was told about it.

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She wrote:

“And I think Harry was like ‘this is exactly what ruined our childhoods.’”


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Many fans were appalled when the allegations surfaced on the internet.

2. Leaked footage

In 2017, a recording of Prince William having a swell time with some ladies during a jet ski holiday with the guys was released. William was seen gyrating and flirting with an Aussie model named Sophie Taylor.

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While Kate was at home, William was enjoying the company of Sophie, who reportedly performed a sexy dance routine for the Prince.

3. Break-up and make-up

We all are aware of the publicized breakup Prince William and Kate had in 2007. However, many don’t know the roots of the split.

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As revealed by Express, Kate wasn’t too confident about William’s commitment to their union. She was particularly bitter about his friendship with an American heiress named Anna Sloan.

She suspected that Will had strong feelings for Anna, but pretended just to be friends.

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4. A failed expectation

After Kate and William reconciled in 2007, it wasn’t abnormal for the Duchess to envisage that a proposal was well on its way.

However, Kate was met with utter disappointment as the expected announcement of their engagement did not come that year. It was revealed that William believed he was too young to settle down and wanted to have fun.

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In reality, no relationship is ever void of downs. While some can be forgiven, others are deal breakers.

Although it seems Prince William is now focused on his family and his role as a royal, many still believe he has some cheating left in him.

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Judging by the cases presented. what do you think? Has he truly repented? Or does a leopard really never change its spot? 

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