One Difference In How Meghan And Kate Introduced Their Babies To The World Makes Meghan A Better Mom Already


May 16, 2019 16:27 By Mambee

After welcoming their bundle of joy, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were glowing with excitement as they showed their baby to the world.

Meghan Markle was thrilled with the birth of her baby boy, and when asked about it, she simply answered saying: 

"It felt like magic."

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She also added that it's an amazing experience to have both her baby boy and husband.

It's evident that the Duchess of Sussex already loved everything about being a mother, despite it being only two days since delivery.

Breaking royal order

Having to pose for a photo with the newborn almost immediately after giving birth has been a tradition in the royal family.

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However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have broken that tradition, shocking everyone.

The two did not share any pictures or pose for the cameras until two days after the birth of their son Archie.

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As revealed by Page Six, one of Meghan's friends mentioned that the former Hollywood star said that she felt sorry for her sister-in-law, who had to pose for the cameras wearing heels and makeup immediately after the birth of her children in order to keep up with the royal tradition.

It could be one of the reasons why she and Prince Harry made it clear they were not going to do it.

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This bold step is really encouraging to women who have to keep up with trends after going through the excruciating pain of bringing another life to the world.

Meghan assured all women that they are allowed to take a break - even if it's merely two days - before returning into their hectic schedule.

There are one or two things the new mother could learn from Kate Middleton

Being born into a royal family doesn't mean you will not be scolded if you are not behaving very nicely, and the Duchess of Cambridge has often been seen scolding her children, even in public.

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The Duchess of Cambridge has also admitted to getting help if the need arises.

Getting down to her children's level and speaking to them is no big deal either. There's nothing as sweet for a child then being understood by a parent.

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Ensuring that her children have the most normal lives, and not being afraid to get messy with them, is another priority for Kate Middleton. Meghan Markle could definitely learn these tips from her sister-in-law.

There's no doubt Meghan will make a splendid mother to her son, Archie. All the signs already point to that!

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