The Internet Discovers Leonardo DiCaprio Has Not Dated Anyone Older Than 25 In 20 Years And The Reasons Behind It Seem Creepy

May 13, 2019

Titanic star  Leonardo DiCaprio is a talented actor, there is no doubt about that. He is also a hunk but what's up with his gory love life?

We all know that Leonardo is one A-list celebrity that does not seem ready to settle down anytime soon.

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His love life is busier than a beehive, but we never realized just how bad it was until a Reddit user, TrustLittleBrother, created a rather colorful graph that detailed Leonardo's love life since 1999 and the ages of all the ladies he dated.

They were mostly blonde models, but there's more to this story.

It is quite shocking to realize that the 44-year-old star has not dated anyone older than 25, and of the eight ladies he dated in the said period, 3 made it to 25 with him, but guess what happened?

That's right! They broke up. What could be the reason for this?

In 2018, The Sun spoke to some psychologists about the actor's behavior, and they had some interesting opinions.

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According to Andrea Lindsay, when the Oscar-winner was 25 years old, he was filming 'The Beach', in Thailand, and while there he was accused of polluting the environment and getting a co-star pregnant.

Leonardo was incensed, and experts believe that the experience may have scarred him. Hence, the need to be with people around that age gap.

Another added:

"Clearly this isn't healthy behavior - not so much the age differences but the repetitive nature of the relationships - it indicates a serious problem with forming intimate relationships."

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One more proposed that his choice of girlfriends may be a reflection of his need to feel desired. Or perhaps, he is just blinded by the beauty of these women and wants to use them as trophies.

We may not know the reason for Leonardo's lack of commitment or the preference for such huge ages gaps, but there have been rumors that he may be getting ready to settle down with his current girlfriend.

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Since 2017, he has been dating Camila Morrone, who is now 23.

We are not sure what the future of their relationship really is, but at least, no one can fault him for his choice of women. Ultimately, we wish him and his present girlfriend the best.

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