Kate Middleton Made A Major Fashion Statement With The Way She Wore Her Outfit


March 14, 2019 13:06 By Mambee

The Duchess of Cambridge has proven herself to be quite the fashionista. And it's not just about the trendy outfits she wears.

She sometimes shows she's capable of making her own trend, as exemplified by what she wore to the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre.

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The royal mother of three looked quite regal in a purple, Gucci blouse which she paired with a pair of wide-leg black pants from Jigsaw. 

Even though there seemed to be nothing wrong with the blouse itself, some observant fans noticed that Kate wore it in a different way from how it was worn by the model on the display.

In Kate's case, the bow on her neck was at the front, the same side where the buttons are. But in the retail version, the buttons were supposed to run down the back.

And due to the fact that the cuffs on the sleeves were in a different position from what was in the display photos, it actually looked like the Duchess may have chosen to wear her blouse backward.

Of course, there was also the possibility that she had a special design made for her where the buttons are at the front of the blouse rather than the back. 

By the way, this was not the only way the royal mom made a fashion statement in that particular outfit. The trousers she chose to wear also had our attention.

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Kate Middleton normally prefers a mid-length dress and classic pumps in neutral colors for royal appearances. But, to suit the purple blouse, the Duchess chose trousers this time around.

This doesn't mean the Duchess doesn't like wearing trousers at all, but more often than not, she wears them in casual settings, like sports events for instance.

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It is quite exciting to see Kate switch up her fashion from time to time. It's a reminder that she's always looking to set trends and be a style inspiration.

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