Meghan Markle Couldn't Hold Back Tears Of Laughter As School Kids Sang the 'Mosquito Song'

October 26, 2018 19:03

The Duchess of Sussex seemed to have had a fantastic time during her visit to Tonga. She and the Duke were laughing delightedly as they witnessed a performance of a song about mosquitoes. 


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Not only did the Toupou College Boys' Choir serenade the couple with the music, but they also performed a choreography that included mimicking flying and buzzing noises. Prince Harry and his pregnant wife were at the event to dedicate two of the school's rainforest tracts to the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy project, which aims at perserving indigenous forests for future generations. 


During Harry and Meghan's travels, fans were worried about her visit to Tonga. It is one the countries that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office discourage pregnant women from visiting due to the threat of the Zika Virus, which is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. 


Apparently, the school choir's hilarious song was specially thought of to scare away any mosquitoes around and protect the Duchess from any harm.

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The risk of being in an area which is breeding ground for mosquitoes was not one the royal couple took too lightly, though. Even though the earlier plans was for Harry and Meghan to walk through the Tuloa forest together, only Prince Harry went through with it. It was presumed to be a gesture to protect the Duchess and their unborn baby from any danger. 

Obviously, the couple was not too shaken up after the incident earlier in the day, when their flight had to abort landing due to the possibility of them crashing into another aircraft on the Sydney airport tarmac.

We will probably never know if the schoolchildren's performance succeeded in shooing away mosquitoes, but one thing is certain: They definitely put a smile on the royal's face. Meghan Markle was laughing so hard she even had tears in her eyes. It must have been quite the performance!

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