Is This Safe? Heavily Pregnant Meghan Markle Was Spotted Sitting Cross-Legged, That Seems To Be Her Favourite Pose


March 11, 2019 12:26 By Mambee

Despite being heavily pregnant, the Duchess of Sussex isn't slowing down. She continues to attend royal events and she basically makes herself busy. 

Meghan has been looking quite healthy throughout her pregnancy, but should there be a reason to worry about her recent sitting position?

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The royal was a part of a panel on International Women's Day just after she was announced by the Kensington Palace as the Vice President for The Queen's Commonwealth Trust. This was a fitting honor as the world celebrated women and their impact on society.

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While on the panel, Meghan discussed feminism and encouraged more men and boys to join this conversation rather than assume it's a topic only women should care about.

The Duchess did look quite strong and empowered out there, but one thing that caught our attention was how she had her legs crossed while seated. Is this a dangerous thing for a heavily pregnant woman to do?

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Was Meghan wrong for sitting that way?

According to Healthline, there's really no major danger to crossing your legs while sitting during pregnancy. However, moms-to-be have to worry about muscle strains, backaches, and cramps, which are common side effects of pregnancy.

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So while your baby may not be harmed when you cross your legs, it may lead to swollen ankles and leg cramps. If you experience this, then you might find yourself more comfortable when you sit with both feet on the floor or elevated on a stool.

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The bottom line is that the seating position during pregnancy probably wouldn't pose a risk to the baby, but you should listen to your body. If you're uncomfortable, switching positions can be helpful.

And from the looks of things, the Duchess of Sussex looked absolutely fine with the way she was seated. 

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