John Travolta's Wife, Kelly Preston, Talked About Being Banned From Making Noise During Childbirth And Why That Was Beneficial For The Children


April 12, 2019 14:47 By Mambee

Scientology has always been quite a controversial religion but according to Kelly Preston, John Travolta's wife, it has its benefits.

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In a 2011 appearance on the Today Show, Preston talked about being banned from talking when she went into labor when her son, Benjamin, was born. While this might have sounded extreme, Preston actually appreciated the experience later on.

The star praised Scientology's strict birthing rules, saying it made her children calm and peaceful.

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In the interview, she said she was forbidden to talk during labor because children would be affected later in life if there was a lot of noise at the time of their birth.

While the silent birth idea might worry a lot of mothers especially, considering laboring moms make certain sounds to help cope with the pain, Preston assured that it wasn't as if something bad would happen of the women made noise.

It’s just no words as much as possible. If you need to moan, if you cry out or all of that, of course, is normal.

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The goal was to try and usher the baby into the world in "as peaceful and gentle a way as possible."

She went on to explain that L. Ron Hubbard's religion found that the way one reacted to things can affect levels of stress, fear, worry and so on. Basically, how you act and what you believe can determine much more about the outcome of your life than one might think.

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While referring to the benefits of silent birth, Preston revealed that her children have always been calm, peaceful, amazing and happy:

... and I absolutely know that it’s very much because of that.

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The idea of trying to ensure you make as little noise as possible while dealing with the pain and stress of labor can sound uncomfortable. But Preston absolutely believed it worked to ensure she had such calm babies. Would you consider silent birth based on this recommendation?

Pregnancy is a transformative time in a woman's life. And these instances show just how much things can change.

Do you agree?

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