These 7 Special Moments Prince Charles Spent With Meghan And Kate Prove He Has Always Wanted A Daughter


March 15, 2019 13:43 By Mambee

Prince Charles is the father of two sons and, while we're sure he's proud of Prince William and Prince Harry, we have a feeling he wouldn't have minded having daughters as well.

In fact, according to ENews, the late Princess Diana once revealed that Prince Charles was "so disappointed" when Harry was born because he had wanted a little girl instead.

Now that his boys are married, his relationship with his daughters-in-law may be the proof we need that being a dad to daughters is something he would cherish. 

Prince Charles' relationship with Kate

We wonder what was so funny, but it's pretty clear that Kate was in on the father-son joke.

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She places her hand lovingly on Prince Charles' arm, which tells us that these two are quite familiar with one another.

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You can tell that Prince Charles was really thrilled to see Kate Middleton, as they greeted each other with matching smiles on their faces:

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Even when they are busy with different activities while going about their royal duties, it looks like this duo never stops having fun. We bet they always find a reason to smile together.

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Prince Charles' Relationship With Meghan

Right from the start, Harry's father expressed his affection for Meghan by walking her down the aisle after her own father couldn't make it to the wedding. It was probably one of the most significant indications that he was prepared to treat her like a daughter:

Only a few days after the wedding, we got to see proof that Meghan was already in on Prince Charles and his wife's inside jokes.

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A pregnant Meghan Markle can be seen sharing a private moment with her father-in-law while Prince Charles' two sons weren't looking:

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One thing these photos have in common is the content and happy look Prince Charles has on his face all through. It's cool to see that the feelings are mutual on Meghan and Kate's end.

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